Bus Transportation

By School Bus

Depending on the distance from your home to school, you may be eligible to ride the school bus. The current bus pass fee is $310 per student per year. For more information, see Oak Hill’s school bus schedule or www.newton.k12.ma.us/transportation


The public MBTA bus #52 (route and schedule) serves Oak Hill Middle School. At school starting and ending times, the bus travels down Wheeler Road, stopping directly in front of the school.

Students may ride the bus for 75 cents each way when using either cash or when using a Student Charlie Card. Students may obtain a Student Charlie Card at any time from the school office. Each card is good for one school year and can be “filled” with up to $10 at a time throughout the school year. This can be done on the bus or at any MBTA “T” stop that has such a machine. The card is valid for only one school year, so a replacement card needs to be obtained at the beginning of each school year.

Alternatively, a monthly Student MBTA card (for $25/month) can be obtained from Newton Public Schools Transportation Office at 100 Walnut Street (phone 617-559-9052).