About Us

A warm welcome! The Oak Hill PTO is the parent-teacher organization of the Oak Hill Middle School, one of four middle schools in Newton, MA. All Oak Hill parents and educators are members of the PTO. Our mission is to promote and foster communication between parents, teachers, administrators and the greater community. The PTO enthusiastically sponsors and organizes fundraising and school events, which deepens our community spirit and enriches our children’s educational, social, and developmental experiences at Oak Hill Middle School.

Major initiatives of the Oak Hill PTO include:

  • Communications with parents via email notices and oakhillpto.org
  • Student/family directory
  • Faculty and staff appreciation events
  • Creative Arts and Sciences program
  • Parent community events & Speaker series
  • Improvements to school building and grounds
  • Providing supplies for classrooms
  • Library support
  • Technology for the classrooms
  • Year-end activities like graduation, field day, and 8th grade tile project

How You Can Help

The Oak Hill PTO is a volunteer organization.  Without the financial support and time contributed by Oak Hill families, none of these activities would be possible.

Annual Contributions: The PTO relies almost entirely on annual contributions made by families early in the school year. To continue to succeed, we need broad participation by most families and generous contributions above the suggested minimum from all who can make them. In addition, the PTO’s annual Technology Drive funds the purchase of computers for the school. Please contribute to both fund drives, either online at the PTO website or by check made out to “Oak Hill PTO” and sent to the main office with a copy of the welcome letter that is distributed to families in the back-to-school packet at the beginning of the school year. Your contributions are tax-deductible.  Don’t forget to check if your company has a Matching Gift Program.

Volunteering: There are many ways in which parents can provide valuable support to Oak Hill on a short-term or ongoing basis.  Please let us know how you can help with:  teacher-appreciation events, parent community events, speaker series, library support, NewtonServes Day renovations, year-end activities, communications, or whatever time or expertise you can provide, etc.




Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget vs. Actual

Board Members

Co-Presidents:  Kirsten von Hassel, Tamar Chamassian (info@oakhillpto.org)

Treasurer:  Julie Canton (treasurer@oakhillpto.org)

School Council: Jennifer Russel, Jessica Basile, Elaine Sheehy


Back to School Picnic:  (backtoschoolpicnic@oakhillpto.org )

Community Notes:   (newsletter@oakhillpto.org)

Creative Arts and Sciences:  Danielle Lieber, Shara Ertel (casc@oakhillpto.org )

Email List, Database and Directory: Chris Masterman (directory@oakhillpto.org )

Library:   (library@oakhillpto.org )

METCO Liaison:  6th: Monica Yancey (metco6@oakhillpto.org ), 7th: Alicia Francois (metco7@oakhillpto.org ), 8th: Pablo Coste  (metco8@oakhillpto.org )

Music@Oak Hill:  Lynne Sacks, Heidi Gambino  (music@oakhillpto.org)

8th Grade Committee Chair: Doreen Rachal (8thgradecom@oakhillpto.org)

8th Grade Committee: Jan Small, Noura Guermazi, Karen Garb, Linda Thayer, Amy Fitzpatrick

Outdoor Garden:  TBD (outdoorgarden@oakhillpto.org)

Safe Routes to School:  TBD (saferoutes@oakhillpto.org)

SPED PAC Liaison:  Lisa DePalma (spedpac@oakhillpto.org)

Spiritwear: Lisa Halm (spirit@oakhillpto.org)

Staff Appreciation Lunches:  TBD (info@oakhillpto.org)

Website:  Matthew Goldstein (admin@oakhillpto.org)

Field Day: Heather Fitzpatrick, Megan Tager

Teacher Appreciation Week: TBD

Cookie Fest: Denise Swidey, Jennifer Heberlein

Newton Serves: TBD

Parent Social: TBD