Staff Update: Mr. Yee is off to China!

The Newton-Jingshan Exchange is the oldest exchange of its type in the country.  Mr. Yee and other NPS staff will be taking eight students from Newton South and North High Schools to the Jingshan School in Beijing China for a semester of language, culture, and academic exchange.  This exchange program will begin on January 27 and continue through the spring.

During Mr. Yee’s absence, Dr. Bercaw, an Oak Hill Eighth Grade U.S. History teacher will take over as the assistant principal.  Dr. Bercaw is a certified K-12 administrator in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Illinois. Dr. Bercaw in his role as history teacher will be replaced by Mr. Mihalich. Mr. Mihalich has been a teaching assistant in Dr. Bercaw’s history classroom for the past several years including this year. He is working closely with Dr. Bercaw to ensure a smooth transition. Mr. Mihalich graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Education and he is currently working toward his Master of Arts in History at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. 

Also, Ms. Sack will take over as the 6-4 math/science teacher for Ms. Sullivan who is retiring. Ms. Sack will join our staff on January 2.