Piano Lessons

Local piano teacher Donna Gross Javel has few spaces available on Tuesdays in Waltham for students of all ages and levels.  Piano lessons can include studies in sight-reading, theory, improvisation, composition, piano duets and trios, and of course solo repertoire.  She offers five workshops and two recitals during the academic year and will also provide additional opportunities for those students who wish to participate in additional recitals, festivals and/or competitions.  As a teacher, Donna is particularly interested in teaching the ‘Whole Child’. Her main focus is to give each child the ‘Gift of Music’  so that they can enjoy a lifetime of music. For more information, visit http://www.anythingpiano.com/biography.html

Contact Donna Gross Javel at 781-354-0170 or anythingpiano@yahoo.com.