Grade 8 Staffing Update

Dear Families of Team 8-2 Students,

As you may know, Mrs. Monica Swain, Team 8-2 English teacher, ¬†gave birth to her third child, a daughter, in June right after school ended. Mrs. Swain will return from her maternity leave on Monday, September 19. Mrs. Maggie Hartnett, a veteran teacher and long-time in-house substitute at Oak Hill, began the year in Mrs. Swain’s place. Consequently, students are familiar with Mrs. Hartnett. Mrs. Swain left a detailed curriculum map for these nine days to ensure that students received the desired introduction to the expectations for this class. Special education co-teacher, Mrs. Laura Boehm, and grade 8-1 English teacher, Ms. Maureen McCann, serve wonderful as supports to Mrs. Hartnett during this time. Should you have any questions for Mrs. Harnett, she can be reached at

Eva M. Thompson