Grade 7 Staffing Update

Dear Families of Team 7-2 Students,

I write to share an update of the staffing for Team 7-2’s ┬áSocial Sciences/History class with Mr. Cleo Syph.

This weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Syph welcomed their second child, a baby girl, to their family. Consequently, Mr. Syph will be on paternity leave for the month of September and plans to return to school on October 5. Our original replacement teacher accepted a permanent position in another district late Friday afternoon just before the Labor Day weekend. Fortunately, yesterday, another of our support teachers, Ms. Kathryn Vasselin, agreed to assume this position in Mr. Syph’s absence.

Ms. Vasselin comes to us with a background in teaching history. She completed her training as a Gr. 5-8 History teacher at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and has had experience as a substitute. Mr. Syph left complete plans for his replacement to ensure that students received the desired content instruction during this time. In addition, Ms. Vasselin will work closely with Ms. Pilley, our Team 7-1 Social Sciences/History teacher to meet curricular expectations. Ms. Vasselin can be reached at:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Eva M. Thompson