Help Get a New ScoreBoard for the Oak Hill Gym

Please Make Your Annual Donation to the PTO

If you have yet to make your annual donation to the Oak Hill PTO, we ask for your support for the 2017-2018 school year. Thank you to the 40% of our families have made their annual contribution so far this school year. We want to ensure that 100% of our community receives  the Oak Hill PTO programs we promised, and we need your help to do so.

Any donation amount ($5, $25, $50, $100 or more) helps us reach our goals of giving your child better funded classrooms, arts & science enrichment programs and exciting and memorable events. Without your help, we can’t support:

A NEW SCOREBOARD: The district is offering us a unique opportunity to change out our scoreboard that is original from 1997 and has problems and limited functionality. With the funding we could receive, we would need an additional $2,500 to replace the scoreboard with a high quality option.  Dr. Harutunian is hoping for donations from a few organizations that rent the gym regularly for basketball and is asking if the PTO can help as well. We would hate to lose out on a chance to get the district to support building capital projects like this one.  Will you make your annual donation today so we can help with this much-needed improvement? 

SPRING ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS:  The PTO and parent volunteers bring 6-8 creative arts and science enrichment programs to Oak Hill every year. We have a great Spring line-up ready to go but need to make sure we have the funds to cover these costs.  Will you make your annual donation today so we can bring this high-quality programming to our students? 

8th GRADE TILE PROJECT: Have you ever wondered about the beautiful student-created tiles that line our school?  The PTO manages and supports this lasting legacy and provides the materials and volunteers to complete this project every year.  We also support the 8th grade graduation ceremony.  Will you make your annual donation today so we can continue this treasured legacy?  

FACULTY APPRECIATION EVENTS: Teachers love and look forward to our appreciation events from lunches to Cookie Fest to Valentines Day. Will you  make your annual donation today so we can continue these events? 

The Oak Hill PTO Depends on Your Annual Contribution  The PTO does not receive any funding from NPS or the City of Newton. Direct annual dues from Oak Hill families like you fund the full range of initiatives we have planned for the 2017-2018 school year.

To donate by credit/debit card, go to to Donate or click below.  To pay by check, drop off at the Oak Hill school office OR mail to Oak Hill PTO, 130 Wheeler St., Newton MA, 02459




Thank you for your support.

Kirsten von Hassel, Leah Arteaga & Tamar Chamassian
Oak Hill PTO co-Presidents 2017-2018,


P.S. The Oak Hill PTO is a 501(c) 3 organization and your annual dues and donations are tax-deductible. Our ID number is 202 126 638. Don’t forget to check if your company provides matching funds. It’s a great way to double your donation!