NSF and HTT Program

Newton Schools Foundation (NSF) is a vital catalyst of community support for the Newton Public Schools. With private funds raised from the broader Newton community, including individuals, local businesses and foundations, NSF works closely with school leadership to find ways to enhance and enrich the ongoing curriculum and helps provide opportunities to explore ideas that would not otherwise be possible under the usual constraints of the annual school budget.

Flyers with more information regarding the campaign have already been mailed, or will be mailed shortly, to the secondary students.

Initiatives supported by NSF for the middle schools, specifically, include Middle School Peer Leadership (providing support for middle school students participating in the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Peer Mentorship program, “A World of Difference), Generation Citizen (a program that aims to teach students how to affect meaningful change in their communities by taking civic action), Coding in the Classroom (exploring the most effective ways to integrate coding into the middle school curriculum), Responsive Classroom Training (a nationally used, research-and evidence-based way of teaching that improves students’ social and academic skills and raises teachers’ instructional quality), and the Calculus Project (a program which aims to increase the number of African American, Hispanic and low-income students who enroll in and successfully complete calculus by providing intensive summer classes and tutoring throughout the school year to help them achieve in accelerated math courses as they progress through high school).  A sample flyer describing the HTT program for middle schools is attached for your information.

NSF also supports an array of exciting programs at the elementary and high school levels. For details, You can visit the NSF website at www.newtonschoolsfoundation. org.