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You’ll need to find a different place to ask, “How was your summer?”

Usually in the last few weeks of August, the checkout lines of local office-supply stores are the place to see everyone before the new school year starts.

“Hey, how was your summer?”
“Getting ready to get back to school?”
“Aren’t these checkout lines long?!?”
“We looked all over, but we couldn’t find everything on this list.”
“Have you seen these prices??”
“Where are the protractors?”
“Gotta go… Good to see you!”
This year, scores of Oak Hill parents (and their new 7th and 8th graders) won’t be there. They have already purchased all the school supplies they need online, with just a few clicks — all while saving at least $10-$20 over local stores.

There’s still time to join them — but only until June 30Go to (If you don’t see Oak Hill Middle School listed, then enter zip code “02459″ and click “Go.”) Then pick your grade for next year and complete the order. The school supplies kit you order will be available at Oak Hill on the first day of school, marked with your child’s name.

Do it now, before June 30, and get a little more time in your summer!
(Spend more time on isles, and less time in aisles!)

If you are not returning to Oak Hill in the fall….

As we begin the process of organizing teams for the 2012-2013 school year, it is important to verify enrollment.  If your child(ren) in sixth or seventh grade will not be returning to Oak Hill in September, please notify the student services office as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions regarding this request, please do not hesitate to call me at (617) 559-9210.

Grade 7 Staffing Update

Dear Families of Team 7-2 Students,

I write to share an update of the staffing for Team 7-2’s  Social Sciences/History class with Mr. Cleo Syph. Continue reading

7th Grade: Corrections to homeroom assignments

Dear Families of Seventh Grade Students,

Due to room changes for our seventh grade math teachers, Ms. Turner and Ms. Schena, there has been some confusion about homeroom assignments. Ms. Schena is in room 119, Team 7-1 and Ms. Turner is in room 124, Team 7-2. This information is correctly listed in the Panther Handbook. Mr. Golden is room 122; there was a typo in the Handbook. He is also on Team 7-2 this year. In addition, some students are cross-teamed for math to balance numbers. This has been done routinely in the past for both accelerated and regular math in order to have reasonably sized classes. Continue reading